Midwest Sports Network™ is an independent privately owned sports media network and have been covering and reporting all sports for many years. We have covered everything from pee wee league to professional events including Major League Baseball, the National Football League, NASCAR, the National Hockey League, and the WNBA. We cover mainly sports in the Midwest area including high school events and many major colleges and universities.

We travel all over America bringing you action photography and great interviews and coverage of major sporting events through All Wright Photography. 

We publish articles online and in print media, along with our photos. We have been featured in much great print media outlets throughout America. We are proud members of the MHSAA. 

Like you, we love sports and try to present to you the best coverage there is!

All pictures enclosed herein are the sole content of Midwest Sports Network ™ and All Wright Photography™ and are not to be sold, copied, downloaded, or reproduced in any way without express written consent.